Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

Viesti Kirjoittaja calderyon » 03 Tammi 2013 16:37

guardian.co.uk kirjoitti:Neil Ruddock lined up to replace Jim Davidson in Celebrity Big Brother
Channel 5 show thrown into disarray when comedian was arrested by police on suspicion of sex offences

The Celebrity Big Brother production team scrambled to find a replacement for Jim Davidson. Photograph: Indigo/Getty Images
Former footballer Neil Ruddock is understood to be lined up as the last-minute replacement on Celebrity Big Brother for Jim Davidson, who was arrested by police on suspicion of sex offences on the eve of the launch of the latest series.

The Channel 5 show, which launches on Thursday night when this year's intake of celebrities enter the Big Brother house, was thrown into disarray when Davidson was arrested at midday on Wednesday.

It is understood the 59-year-old, well-known for his controversial comic act and as the former host of BBC shows including The Generation Game and Big Break, was arrested at Heathrow Airport as he flew in to the UK to take part in the reality TV show.

The Celebrity Big Brother production team are understood to have scrambled to find a replacement, although the hunt was initially delayed for several hours on Wednesday because of uncertainty over whether Davidson could, or should, still participate if he was not charged.

Davidson said after he was bailed without charge late on Wednesday that he "vigorously denies" the allegations made against him by two women.

"It was not cut and dried what the right course of action was," said one source with knowledge of the situation.

Programme executives are understood to have settled on Ruddock, who during his footballing career played for clubs including Liverpool, Tottenham and West Ham as a defender who was given the nickname "Razor" thanks to his bad-boy antics both on and off the pitch.

The 44-year-old has reality TV form having appeared in ITV's I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! in 2004, which he used to record a charity single called Jungle Rock with contestants including Lord Brocket.

He has also appeared in BBC1's Celebrity Total Wipeout in 2011.

Lindsay Lohan's appearance in London has prompted speculation she might make an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

The show's makers have courted her for previous series, although if she did appear it would be briefly as she is due in court in the US on 15 January for breaching her probation.

Programme makers appear to have tapped a number of potential candidates in the last-minute hunt for a replacement for Davidson.

Peter Fury, the trainer and uncle of boxer Tyson Fury, tweeted on Wednesday that the 24-year-old "could be going in [the] Big Brother show!".

In a string of tweets Peter Fury admitted he was "not a fan of the show" but that "I guess for the Biusness[sic] side of things he has to do what's in his benefit". Fury is booked to fight in New York on 17 March.

Celebrities that have been widely tipped to appear in this year's CBB include The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, ex-EastEnders actress Gillian Taylforth and The X Factor contestant Rylan Clark.ant Rylan Clark.¨

http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/jan/0 ... m-davidson
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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

Viesti Kirjoittaja calderyon » 05 Tammi 2013 02:51

digitalspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother sets Basement Pipes task

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been set their first challenge by Big Brother to earn hot water.

Both the upstairs housemates and basement housemates have been deprived of hot water on the first morning and Rylan was given the details of the opening challenge this morning.

To win back hot water for everyone, the upstairs housemates must select a basement dweller to unblock some putrid pipes with their hands.

The official Big Brother website reveals that the "chosen housemate will enter the basement section of the garden and face a series of blocked pipes - full of disgusting and putrid contents - which they must use their hands to unblock".

If they remove enough gunk from the pipes, the water level will switch from freezing to hot.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight (January 4) on Channel 5.

Read more: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/s150/cel ... z2H4GByj7q
digitalspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Celeb Big Brother: Spencer & Heidi refuse task, Ryan Moloney steps in

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have refused to take part in the first Celebrity Big Brother task.

The US reality stars - who entered the basement area of the house last night (January 3) - were chosen by their fellow housemates to carry out the assignment of unblocking the clogged water pipes.

The couple instead decided to go on strike, and told Big Brother that they would not go through with the task.

Ryan Moloney - who plays Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi in Australian soap Neighbours - then decided to step up and take on the challenge, which would return hot water to the celebrities living in the 'luxury' house upstairs.

Moloney made his way to the pipes outside in the garden as both groups of housemates watched on screens.

"I guess [Big Brother producers] built this whole thing and they had to have a scene but I think it would have been funnier if they'd had cold water," said Pratt as he looked on.

As his wife agreed, Pratt added: "That is one obnoxious crew. I don't want to go near those people."

The housemates living in luxury were not afraid to show their mutual dislike of the Pratts as the situation played out.

"Nobody when asked to do a chore on Big Brother should turn it down whatever it is," said former model and newly promoted upstairs resident Paula Hamilton.

The rest of the group then continued to heap praise on Moloney, with even Montag admitting that the actor "has like the greatest attitude ever".

Read more: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/s150/cel ... z2H4GTNU9D
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Ryan Moloney gets first task

Ryan Moloney has completed the first Celebrity Big Brother 2013 task, winning hot water for the house.

The Aussie soap star was given a special challenge to get the hot water turned on for both the housemates in the main house and those living in the basement.

X Factor’s Rylan Clark went to pick up the instructions from the Diary Room for the task, called Big Brother’s Big Pipes.

One housemate from the basement – which turned out to be Ryan after Heidi and Spencer made it clear they wouldn’t be taking part – had to go into the basement’s half of the garden to help win hot water for the house.

All Ryan had to do was clean Big Brother’s pipes.

In the garden, Ryan found a series of blocked pipes that had been clogged by disgusting and smelly contents.

Ryan had to use his hands and hands alone to clear the pipes in order to raise the water level from ‘Freezing’ to ‘Hot!’

Having cleaned all the pipes in the time limit, Ryan passed the task and hot water was turned on to the main house.

The basement housemates also got their hot water back, albeit delivered in buckets.

Naughty Big Brother!

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2H3eJcbXe
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark, Spencer Pratt clash!

The Celebrity Big Brother drama kicked off tonight, as Rylan Clark and Spencer Pratt clashed, despite not being in the same room.

Last night saw Rylan and Frankie Dettori decide to put themselves in the main house ahead of Heidi and Spencer, putting the US reality stars into the basement along with Paula Hamilton, Ryan Moloney, Sam Robertson and Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock.

“This is bollocks!” said Spencer adopting an English accent as the pair began to cope with their new surroundings.

“It’s really doing my head in mate,” Heidi added.

Spencer told fellow basement housemate Sam: “I’m done with them, they on the cut list.”

Later in the Diary Room, Spencer ranted: “The decision by singer boy and jockey man was not a good decision; they should have sacrificed themselves as team players. I wouldn’t have put myself above others, it’s inconsiderate, selfish,” he ranted.

“Our basement is the best, everyone is down to earth,” Heidi said.

The couple decided that they will not talk to anyone outside of their basement group.

The pair opted not to come up to meet Rylan and the other housemates in the main house after Big Brother temporarily opened the basement.

Rylan complained: “They’ve done enough reality shows, if they’ve got the hump f**k ‘em, I can’t stand fake people, if you’ve got a problem say it, it could be a bit of drams (sic).”

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2H3egqquh
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark won't have sex in the house!

Rylan Clark has said he won’t have sex in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house!

The former X Factor star was one of twelve celebs to enter the new series on Thursday night on Channel 5.

And although there’s no one who we reckon Rylan would want to get with, he ruled out any romance even if a hunky guy was to join the line up.

Speaking before this week’s live launch, Rylan said: “I have always wanted to go Big Brother, but I’ve never have sex or even a snog with anyone in there.

“But you haven’t got a clue what would happen once you’re in there!”

Meanwhile, Rylan revealed he was planning to spend on his BB fee on some liposuction!

The already spindly singer has reportedly been paid £250,000 to take part in the new series.

He said: “I’ve got a little belly and I really want to tone up, but I don’t want to be one of those skinny people. I might have some pecs put in, like Darryn Lyons’s.”

Please don’t Rylan. Just don’t.

Have you been loving Rylan on CBB? Vote for your early favourite in our poll below…

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2H3ewahll
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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

Viesti Kirjoittaja calderyon » 06 Tammi 2013 02:35

tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013: The basement housemates are free!

Big Brother has freed the Celebrity housemates who’ve been living away from the main house since launch night, with not without a catch!

This evening saw Big Brother gathered Sam Robertson, Neil Razor Ruddock, Ryan Moloney and Frankie Dettori to announce they would finally be able to join the main house.

But first they had to nominate one of their group to face the first CBB eviction.

The foursome nominated Frankie for eviction, before Big Brother freed all of them into the main house.

For the first time this series, all of the housemates are now together in the main house and have full access to all the rooms.

And fortunately for the boys, there’s running hot water, electricity and they don’t have to eat scraps for lunch!

Razor and Sam both wasted no time enjoying their new surroundings, with Footie star Razor enjoying a nice relaxing bath while Sam went topless in a homemade towel toga.

But Frankie couldn’t be enjoying free too much, knowing that his time in the house could be over in just a few days.

Frankie will face eviction against whoever else is nominated, with Big Brother telling the housemates that another round of nominations will take place “in due course”.

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2H9Q4pTdd
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013 loses half its viewers overnight

The lack of Lindsay Lohan, Jim Davidson or any real celebs on the Celebrity Big Brother line up hit the ratings last night, as the show lost nearly half its audience in one day.

Thursday night’s CBB launch did well, with over 4 million viewers tuning in to the marathon two hour launch show.

But as the celebs were revealed, and viewers became disappointed with that apparently classes for a celebrity nowadays, the numbers dropped.

Granted, the show is never going to have big A list celebs, but when an unknown Page 3 model makes it in even the term scraping the barrel doesn’t describe the situation accurately enough.

The ratings for last night’s show proved that viewers haven’t been too taken with the stars, with ratings falling to less than 2 million.

It was a huge 47% reduction in the audience in just 24 hours.

A special live episode, which also proved a disappointment, was watched by even fewer viewers between 10PM and 10:30PM yesterday evening.

Spin off show Bit On The Side suffered the same fate, falling from one of its best ever ratings on Thursday night to just 500,000 viewers yesterday.

Fortunately bosses may be saved, with claims today that Jim Davidson will enter Celebrity Big Brother anyway.

Let’s hope so as it’s only Day 2 of 21 and we worry what the ratings could be like by the end of the run…

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/ratings/127617-ce ... z2H9QuXBAJ
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Basement housemates get a luxury breakfast!

The basement housemates enjoyed a luxury breakfast earlier today after passing the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2013 task.

This morning saw Big Brother cut off electricity to the house and he refused to turn it back on until the group had done some hard graft.

Well, the housemates in the basement anyway.

The housemates living in luxury had to pick two housemates – which turned out to be Sam and Frankie – from the basement to fire up the generator in the garden to restore electricity to the house.

They had to work together to crank a large, grimy, handle that was covered in messy black oil.

Frankie and Sam passed the challenge and won not only electricity back but a hot breakfast for all.

But being Big Brother, there was a twist.

The housemates had to choose which half of the house had which of two breakfasts on offer.

A luxury breakfast included everything from warm bacon buttes to salmon and poached egg muffins with fresh fruit and coffee.

However the other breakfast was simply a microwave meal from a tin.

Fortunately for Sam and Frankie, their hard work paid off as the luxury housemates sacrificed gave them the luxury breakfast and opted to take the tin breakfast.

Aren’t they all nice?

We don’t think it will last…

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2H9R3USKn
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates left without power!

The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates both in the main house and basement were left without power this morning.

Paula Hamilton was the first to discover the lack of power this morning when the kettle refused to turn on.

The paranoid model muttered to her fellow housemates, who were mostly still asleep: “They’re messin’, they’re messin’.”

But this time it wasn’t due to the roof collapsing after a flood.

Instead, Big Brother has simply been winding up the celebs.

He’s cut off electricity to the house and won’t turn it back on until the group have done some hard graft.

Well, the housemates in the basement anyway.

The housemates living in luxury had to pick two housemates from the basement to fire up the generator in the garden to restore electricity to the house.

They’ll have to work together to crank a large, grimy, handle that’s covered in messy black oil.

Frankie and Sam have been picked for the challenge and will win not only electricity back but a hot breakfast for all if they passed.

Although those in the basement will only get the scraps…

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2H9RCzBif
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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

Viesti Kirjoittaja calderyon » 07 Tammi 2013 01:28

bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Big Vendor machine ‘can talk to housemates’

More details about the ‘Big Vendor’ vending machine in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house have been revealed, with reports claiming it is ‘likely to cause rows’.

According to The Daily Star, the contraption – located beside the gym door in the lounge – will stir the pot by speaking to the housemates and getting involved in their conversations.

The newspaper’s insider commented: “Big Vendor won’t hold back – it will be very insulting and bitchy to the unsuspecting housemates. There’s likely to be tears.”

The ‘cruel’ twist sounds similar to the Tree of Temptation – featured in the last two Channel 4 series of Big Brother – which offered to provide his victims with items they desired in return for wreaking havoc among their fellow contestants.

See pictures of the Big Vendor machine below:

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0106/ ... z2HF0K7T34
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Speidi get nominated by everyone and aren't happy!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt weren’t too thrilled to find they’re up for this week’s first Celebrity Big Brother 2013 eviction.

Heidi and Spencer, collectively now known as Speidi, join Frankie Dettori and Paula Hamilton p for the chop after the first Celebrity Big Brother nomination results were revealed earlier this evening.

Big Brother informed the housemates this evening of the results, and the fallout was dramatic.

At first Heidi and Spencer put on a brave face and boasted about setting a record.

With the housemates knowing that Speidi knew that they had all nominated them, the group started to make their excuses.

“It’s been two days, they’re nothing reasons,” said Rylan.

“There’s two of you so it’s only like five each,” added Lacey, trying but failing to soften the blow.

Heidi and Spencer later got some time to themselves to discuss tactics and have a debrief.

“I told you Lacey would vote for you, don’t need to play nice now,” Spencer told Heidi. “She doesn’t like you back.”

The pair had seemingly consigned themselves to their fate, with Spencer declaring: “We’re outta here.”

Paula meanwhile had taken herself away from everyone else after being left rather upset by the results.

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2HFEJKayZ
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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

Viesti Kirjoittaja calderyon » 07 Tammi 2013 22:56

bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Heidi and Spencer argue over shopping task ‘kissing’

Heidi Montag became offended with her husband Spencer Pratt earlier today after learning that he’d be ‘kissing’ Lacey Banghard in the first Celebrity Big Brother 2013 shopping task.

Earlier today the group begun the challenge, in which they must work to tip the odds of winning a random draw in their favour by filling a lottery machine with more ‘pass’ balls than ‘fail’ balls.

As usual, it is broken down in to several mini-challenges, with two of today’s hits involving housemates transferring items using only their mouths.

Unsurprisingly, Heidi – who has been married to Spencer for over four years – wasn’t thrilled about the thought of her man locking lips with another woman, much less a Page 3 stunner.

Spencer defended himself by pointing out that he was only doing it to win luxury food. “I said to Ryan, what if your wife wanted you to play this game? He’s like, ‘she’d know it’s just a game. I’m married, I’m on a TV show’,” he explained to his wife.

“These people are actors, they kiss other people all the time,” she retorted. “That’s not my relationship. That’s not appropriate in my marriage.”

“And what did Big Brother say to you? They will not be kissing?” asked Spencer.

“That’s exactly the response. I said, ‘it’s close enough, they might as well be’,” she snapped.

Other housemates stuck up for Spencer, saying he’s only ‘acting’, but Heidi didn’t budge.

“I am not an actress. I never was an actress,” the former The Hills star insisted. “The only person I’ve ever kissed is Spencer. We don’t cross that line.”

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0107/ ... z2HKEx87UR
bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Housemates ‘against all odds’ in first shopping task

The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates have been set their first shopping task today, the outcome of which will be determined by luck.

This morning, Big Brother placed a lottery-style randomizer machine in the living area containing one green ‘pass’ ball, and one ‘red’ fail ball, giving the group a 50/50 chance of passing the task.

Over the next two days, they will have the opportunity to tip the odds in their favour by taking part in a series of challenges, in which they’ll either win more pass balls, or incur a penalty of more fail balls.

After the final challenge, a dramatic final ceremony will take place, with a ball being randomly selected from the machine. If it is a green ball, they’ll pass the task and win a luxury shopping budget – but if it’s a red ball, they’ll be stuck with basic rations for the next week.

Today’s challenges are as follows:

Pass the Pass

All housemates will be seated in a line at Big Brother’s Bistro, in front of red plates labelled with an increasing number of fails – except the last, which is green and labelled with twelve passes.

A number of courses will be served, and the housemates must an item from each down the line using only their mouths. When a housemate spits out or drops an item, that course will end and the group will win the number of passes or fails on their plate.

Hot Chocolates

One housemate will be called to the Diary Room, where they’ll find a box of twenty chocolates. Three are normal chocolates – but the others are ‘hot chocolates’ infused with chillies.

If they can find all three normal chocolates they’ll win twenty passes. However, for each hot chocolate eaten, they’ll incur one fail.

Kissing Balls

A succession of ping pong balls will be suspended above a red table using jets of air. In pairs, housemates must capture a ball between their lips and transport it to a green cylinder. Each ball successfully transferred will earn them a pass – but each ball dropped will incur a fail.

Punishing Passes

Claire will be set a challenge to spend as much time as she can in the small task room. However, she will be unaware that when she enters the room, Big Brother will begin playing Steps’ hit single ’5,6,7,8′ incessantly on loop!

The longer she stays in the room, the more passes she’ll win for the group. She can choose to leave any time of her own free will, but if she does these passes will turn to fails.

However, the other housemates will sporadically be given opportunities to release Claire from the room. If they do so she’ll leave with the amount of passes she’s won so far.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0107/ ... z2HKF7FepU
bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Paula, Heidi warned for using ‘racist’ language

Paula Hamilton and Heidi Montag are said to have recieved warnings for use of unacceptable language in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house.

According to the Daily Star, 80s model Paula was hauled to the Diary Room in the early hours of yesterday for comparing the show’s ‘Basement’ to the Auschwitz concentration camp used by the Nazis during World War II.

Meanwhile, Heidi was given a dressing down for ‘potentially racist’ remarks aimed at Sam Robertson, after telling him he “looked like a Rasta and not to look so dirty”.

A ‘show insider’ revealed: “They were both reminded how things they say could be potentially offensive to others in the house or those watching at home. People often forget the cameras are on them recording everything they say, so it was a gentle reminder to behave.

“Paula was OK about it but Heidi got a little bit upset. I don’t think she’s used to getting told off.”

In November broadcasting watchdog Ofcom ruled that two incidents involving use of potentially racist terms in Big Brother 2012 did not breach the broadcasting code.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0107/ ... z2HKFIwmI7
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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

Viesti Kirjoittaja calderyon » 09 Tammi 2013 22:43

bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:‘Against all odds’ shopping task – Day 2 update

The Celebity Big Brother 2013 ‘against all odds’ shopping task continues today, with the housemates currently having a 3 in 4 shot at winning a luxury budget.

The group are competing in several challenges to tip the odds of winning a random lottery draw in their favour, by filling a randomizer machine with more green ‘pass’ balls than red ‘fail’ balls.

They won 72 passes and 15 fails in the first of yesterday’s challenges, which involved them passing each other a series of nasty objects – including fermented duck egg, bull penis and a sick bag – using only their mouths, without dropping anything.

Later, Rylan had to find three normal sweets in a box of twenty ‘hot chocolates’ to win 20 further passes. He was succesful, but also ate four of the hot chocolates, scoring 4 fails.

Further lip action ensued when housemates paired off to transfer ping-pong balls to a cylinder, again using only their mouths.

They managed to transfer eighty of the balls – netting another 80 passes – and drop twenty, scoring them 20 fails. However, Heidi and Spencer were handed an additional 20 penalty fails for refusing to take part, after they argued about Spencer having to ‘kiss’ another woman.

Finally, Claire was set an endurance test, to stay in the small task room for as long as she could while Steps single ’5,6,7,8′ played on loop. If she’d stayed the duration she’d have bagged 100 passes – but the others freed her after just one hour, earning them just 4.

Therefore, at the end of the first day, a total of 176 green pass balls and 59 red fail balls had been added to the machine – giving the housemates a 75% chance of winning the shopping task.

Today’s challenges are as follows:

True or Falls

Two housemates will go to the Diary Room. The others will take it in turns to sit in a chair suspended above a gunge tank in the garden.

The Diary Room housemates will be asked multiple choice questions about the housemates in the chair, with two possible false answers and one true answers. They must choose the answer they believe to be true and pull the corresponding lever.

If they are correct, they will win pass balls for the machine. But if they’re wrong, they’ll incur fails – and the housemate in the chair will be dropped in to the gunge!


At the end of the task, one housemate will press a button on the machine, which will throw out one of the balls inside at random. If it is a green pass ball, Big Brother will deliver a luxury shopping budget – but if it’s a red fail ball, there will only be basic rations for the next week.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0108/ ... z2HVqRvSZw
bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Housemates pass ‘against all odds’ shopping task

The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates have passed the ‘against all odds’ shopping task after securing a 72% chance of winning.

Today the group was given one final chance to add ‘pass’ and ‘fail’ balls to the machine, with two housemates going to the Diary Room to answer multiple choice questions about the others as they perilously perched over a gunge tank.

Heidi and Paula faced he questions, winning three passes for every correct answer, and three fails for every wrong one. They eventually getting six out of eleven right, earning them 18 passes and 15 fails – and getting Gillian, Lacey, Razor, Tricia and Rylan gunged in the process!

In total, the group accumulated 194 pass balls and 74 fail balls, giving them a 72% shot at winning the luxury shopping budget.

This evening, Big Brother gathered the housemates in the lounge and started the randomizer machine. As the balls were mixed up, they eagerly commented on the colours next to its spout.

Sam was then instructed to push the button beside the machine – and it promptly threw out a green ball, meaning that they’ve won a luxury shopping budget for the next week.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0108/ ... z2HVr7BlPz
bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Twist to take place during tomorrow’s eviction

Channel 5 has revealed that a twist will take place during the first live eviction show of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 tomorrow night.

The news was announced by narrator Marcus Bentley at the end of tonight’s highlights show, who urged viewers to tune in for something they “won’t wanna miss”.

With another eviction scheduled to take place on Friday, it is highly likely that the twist will involve some sort of nominations.

However, rumours are spreading that a new housemate is set to arrive, with fans continuing to believe that Lindsay Lohan could enter after Jamie East yesterday filmed a segment for spin-off show Bit On The Side outside London’s Dorchester Hotel, where she is staying.

Heidi and Spencer, Paula and Frankie face being booted out of the house during tomorrow’s show, which airs at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0108/ ... z2HVrF4yEK
bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Celeb BB final confirmed for 25th January

Channel 5 has confirmed that the ‘live’ final of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 will take place on Friday 25th January.

The two-hour live show, airing from 9.00pm, will see presenter Brian Dowling evict the remaining housemates before announcing the winner. It is followed by the final episode of spin-off show Bit On The Side at 11.00pm.

It comes two days after the last eviction, which is scheduled for Wednesday 23rd January at 9.00pm, with Bit On The Side following at 10.30pm.

Meanwhile, Celebrity Big Brother: Live From The House will continue to air in its new regular timeslot – Thursdays at 10.00pm on digital channel 5* – throughout the series.

The next normal edition of Big Brother is expected to launch in June.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0109/ ... z2HVrMhTwy
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother: Channel 5 defend allowing Paula Hamilton into the house

Celebrity Big Brother bosses have defended allowing Paula Hamilton onto the show.

The model has been in the house for less than a week now and has already caused concern with both viewers and her fellow housemates.

The troubled star previously failed to get onto the series three years ago when it aired on Channel 4.

Psychologist Jo Hemmings, who was on the team when the show was on Channel 4, expressed her concerns via Twitter during the show’s launch night.

She said: “Paula Hamilton – because sending an alcoholic who failed her C4 psych tests three years ago is SUCH a good idea.

“At the risk of sounding like a killjoy, it’s a seriously irresponsible decision…”

On her first night in the house bosses were forced to call in a doctor after Paula suffered an ‘illness’ in the early hours.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room earlier this week after being put up for eviction, Paula ranted: “I was really into helping you make this a great show but you’ve taken away my dignity and my trust.

“You’ve broken me. Congratulations.”

She went on: “It’s very very different for everyone. Heidi and Spencer, to get 10 out of 10 doesn’t affect their career, it makes me wanna draw back from people.”

Tipped for eviction tonight, Paula also told Lacey: “It’s the worst thing for my career to be first out. It’ll finish me off. Flat out. Gone.

“So pass me the razor blades. Just pass me the razor blades. I know what the public are like.

“Frankie is loved. And Heidi and Spencer say they want to go but I know how the public work. They think: ‘Haha, they want to go out. We’re gonna keep them in.”

And last night saw Paula breakdown again, screaming at Big Brother: “” before kicking out at the Diary Room door.

A spokesperson for Channel 5 however insisted today: “In accordance with standard procedure for CBB, the housemates are all psychologically evaluated before they enter the house and are closely monitored at all times.”

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2HVrw0EXr
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Sam Robertson's girlfriend Marni Bennet revealed?

Sam Robertson has a secret girlfriend he’s hiding on Celebrity Big Brother 2013!

The actor revealed on launch night that he was “technically single”, a term which confused his housemates as much as it did us viewers.

And it turns out, to no one’s real surprise, “technically single” means not single at all.

The former Corrie actor has been dating fashion blogger Marni Bennet for six months.

The beauty previously starred in a reality show of her own, appearing on Channel 4′s Summer Daze.

Marni tweeted on launch night: “Dreading, dreading, dreading tonight. Come on @robertsonsamuel, the suspense is killing me! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO WEIRD!”

It’s perhaps no surprise then that Sam said he wouldn’t get up to anything in the house.

Speaking before the show, Sam said he wouldn’t be kissing or sharing beds with any girls in the house.

He told us: “I’d probably say no. There would be too much temptation.

“You might end up having ‘dream’ sex – then wake up and wonder what happened.”

We wonder what Marni makes of it all?

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2HVsJSMU5
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi and Spencer predict their exit

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates Heidi and Spencer reckon they’ll be out in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother eviction… sort of.

The US reality TV stars admitted that they’ve always been hated and reckon they won’t be able to win over the British public.

Speaking in the bedroom this morning, Heidi even confessed that she wasn’t sure about her decision to do the show after being booed as they entered.

“It’s the most negative thing possible,” she said. “I think if we’re complaining it makes them ten times want us out more.

“When we walked down that way I felt it from everyone. Like ‘why are they even here? They shouldn’t even be here.’”

Heidi’s husband Spencer agreed: “That’s what we always get. People are like ‘why are they even famous?’”

It’s left the pair confident that they’ll be leaving in tonight’s eviction against Paula Hamilton and Frankie Dettori.

Heidi said, confusingly: “A big part of me thinks we’re leaving. I bet we’re staying but a big part of me thinks we’re leaving.”

Spencer replied: “Paula’s pretty damned entertaining, I’ll be shocked if she goes.”

But according to the betting on Betfair, Paula may as well pack her bags as it would take a rather big shock for her not to leave this evening.

Betfair’s Alex Bake said: “Paula’s certainly ruffled a few feathers since entering the house. Some of her comments have been outrageous and that doesn’t appear to have gone down too well with her housemates or the punters. I’d be surprised if she’s still in there Thursday morning.”

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2HVsj1vls
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Brian Dowling vows to get tough!

Brian Dowling is planning to be tougher than ever on Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

The Irish telly host is back fronting the Channel 5 series this month and has declared he’ll be grilling the housemates as they leave.

It’s fair to say that Brian, a two time former BB champ himself, hasn’t been a bit soft with some of the ‘stars’ that have left the house over the past two years.

But now he’s planning on changing all that.

He said: “I would like to step it up and be tougher in the interviews – especially when someone has done something wrong, I want to hold them accountable for it.”

Brian admitted: “I wouldn’t ay she was my favourite, but Tara Reid was an uncomfortable interview – very defensive.”

Tonight will see the first eviction of the series, with Paula Hamilton, Heidi and Spencer and Frankie Dettori all up for the axe.

And according to the betting on Betfair, Paula may as well pack her bags now as it would take a rather big shock for her not to leave this evening.

Betfair’s Alex Bake said: “Paula’s certainly ruffled a few feathers since entering the house. Some of her comments have been outrageous and that doesn’t appear to have gone down too well with her housemates or the punters. I’d be surprised if she’s still in there Thursday morning.”

We’re looking forward to see what Brian has to say to her!

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2HVsuDrx1
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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

Viesti Kirjoittaja calderyon » 12 Tammi 2013 16:01

bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Heidi and Spencer return, nominate Claire and Rylan

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt finally made their grand re-entry to the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house tonight, after nominating ‘dull housemates’ Claire Richards and Rylan Clark for eviction.

Just moments after Sam Robertson left in the second eviction, the not-so-shocked main house found out that the married pair had been living in the basement since their staged walk-out.

They sat open-mouthed as Big Brother played in a VT of Speidi watching their antics on the live feed, unaware that there was a further sting in the tail to come.

With the housemates watching on the screen in the lounge, Big Brother welcome Speidi back in to the Diary Room, and asked what they made of the experience.

“I was actually shocked. it’s been really fun being in the basement but it’s also been really hard hearing the whole house talk a lot of crap and be really mean spirited,” responded Heidi.

Big Brother then dropped his latest bomb, revealing that the reason he’d given “America’s golden couple of reality TV” access to a live feed was so that they could judge which of the group made the least exciting reality TV stars.

He then gave them thirty seconds to nominate the two dullest housemates to automatically face the third eviction. Wasting no time, Heidi said: “I choose Claire. I think she is the least interesting reality TV star in the house.”

“And I choose Rylan because no-one’s even got to see the true Rylan,” added Spencer. “All he does is play his Big Brother character in here, stare at cameras, walk around in booty shorts. Those are our picks Big Brother. Pretty easy.”

As a result, Claire and Rylan will definitely face the next public vote. However, the housemates will still nominate on Sunday, and those who get the most nominations will join them.

Spencer and Heidi are not immune from next week’s eviction, and cannot take part in Sunday’s nominations.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0111/ ... z2HlmQdIf0
bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:‘Fake’ Rylan kicks off at Heidi and Spencer

Rylan Clark had a major argument with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag tonight after their return to the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house.

Having secretly watched the housemates from the basement for the past 48 hours, the pair dramatically re-joined the group earlier, nominating Rylan and Claire Richards to automatically face eviction for being ‘dull’.

But although Spencer had predicted that their comeback would cause ‘fireworks’, they had only been through the door a few moments when Rylan initiated an argument.

Clearly enraged at being nominated by the American couple, the former X Factor contestant asked: “Do you think I’m playing up to the cameras? Honestly?”

Spencer answered ’100%’, prompting Rylan to launch a full-on rant. “Then you need to get your f*****g glasses mate, ’cause I am not playing up to one f*****g camera,” he seethed. “I hope you had a lovely time in your bedroom because I don’t want you in my one.”

“You are so fake. You’re fake. That’s all it is,” claimed Spencer. “I misjudged you. All that BS. You’re fake. You know it. We watched everything you said.”

“What the f**k have I been saying?” enquired Rylan. “I have said my piece about you every time I’ve been in that Diary Room. I’ve always said, please someone here tell me whether I’m wrong, but they are a lovely genuine couple, right or f*****g wrong.

“You want me to play up to the cameras? Your f*****g performance the other night was legendary. Oscar, babe. Oscar.”

“You can’t be a normal person, this is an act,” Spencer retorted.

“A normal f*****g person? I am a normal person mate! I live in the f*****g real world out there!” Essex native Rylan countered.

An animated Spencer then began jumping up and down in front of the camera mirrors, saying: “Oh this is the real world? This is the real world? That’s not the real world. All you do is look in the mirror for hours.”

Meanwhile, Heidi decided to enter the fray. “What planet you live on, I don’t care,” she commented. “You’re so obsessed with this house that you’re not even being a person in it.

“Isn’t this just a game Rylan? Isn’t this just a game? Welcome to reality TV.”

“Ooh, what a line. That’ll be tomorrow’s little title,” smirked Rylan.

“Well maybe you should think of a few because you singing all day long, footage they can’t even use, my ears are bleeding,” replied Heidi.

“Well take your f*****g headphones off and look in the mirror at yourself!” came Rylan’s response.

“That’s my task, that’s my task,” Heidi said nonchalantly. “They can’t even use the footage you guys are singing so much. If you even care about this house you’d stop singing.”

“If I even care about this house? What are you even saying?!” exclaimed a bemused Rylan. “You know what, I’ve had a lovely time, if I f**k off at the next eviction, hope you have a lovely time.”

“If you’re so real the audience is gonna save you,” Spencer claimed.

“Well let’s wait and see,” snapped Rylan.

The group will nominate as normal on Sunday, and the housemates with the most votes will join Claire and Rylan in facing Wednesday’s eviction. Speidi cannot take part and are not immune from being nominated.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0112/ ... z2HlmeBcdA
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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

Viesti Kirjoittaja calderyon » 15 Tammi 2013 22:57

bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Heidi and Spencer forced back in to main house

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been forced to rejoin the main Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house this evening after spending three nights sleeping in the basement.

After their return from the private room sparked several heated arguments on Friday night, producers took the decision to send them back temporarily while the tension died down.

The American reality TV stars have since spent three nights sleeping there, joining the group during the day for communal events such as tasks and nominations.

However, today Big Brother decided to put his foot down, and called Heidi and Spencer to the Diary Room, where they were instructed to gather up their possessions.

Unhappy about the news, Spencer moaned: “I knew this would happen.”

“It was too good to be true,” mused Heidi.

But the pair complied with Big Brother’s demand without too much fuss, and soon reclaimed their place in the bedroom.

Speidi face eviction on Wednesday alongside Lacey, Rylan and Claire.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0114/ ... z2I51ek0LK
bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Big Vendor comes to life for the first time

Big Vendor spoke out for the first time in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house last night, challenging the group to put on a talent show.

After days of speculation from viewers and housemates alike, the contraption – located next to the gym door in the living area – finally revealed itself to be a bit of a cheeky character with a monotone robotic voice.

“I am here to make life easier for all housemates and to learn a bit more about you,” claimed Big Vendor. “I have been watching you for the past twelve days. It was incredibly boring.”

“I already don’t like this machine,” Heidi commented. “I don’t believe you. Liar! Boo!”

The former plastic surgery addict was first to feel the force of the device’s razor-sharp tongue, as it quipped: “I recognise Heidi. We have the same mechanic.”

“I knew you were a jerk!” Heidi retorted.

“You have a nice rack Lacey. I have five racks,” said Big Vendor, addressing the Page 3 girl.

On a roll, it continued: “Frankie, I am confused. How old are you? My systems tell me you are twelve years old and yet you drink alcohol. Razor, why do they call you Razor?”

“Cause I’m sharp between the sheets and I cut Big Vendors in half,” he joked.

“I’m still curious as to the reasons you are here,” queried Big Vendor.

“Because I played over 500 games of a top flight sport called football for one of the greatest teams in the world, Liverpool FC,” Razor said. “I am not a machine, I am a human being.”

Big Vendor turned his attention to Gillian. “You have a very husky voice. You sound like you could do with some oil. I do not know what your talent is. What’s an actor?”

“Many people have said that!” laughed the Eastenders and Footballer’s Wives star. “It’s just entertainment again really. I’ve gone all red!”

“Rylan, I have heard you singing. Are you a singer by profession?” Big Vendor continued.

“I wouldn’t go that far!” exclaimed Rylan.

After asking Claire which of his buttons she preferred – 5, 6, 7 or 8 – Big Vendor then set the housemates a task. “Two of you have talents. Rylan and Claire, you sing, which my circuit boards tell me is a talent. I do not recognise talents in any of the others.

“I want to set you a task. Rylan, you will teach Gillian, Tricia, Razor and Ryan to sing and dance to ‘Tragedy’ by Steps. Claire, you will teach Spencer, Heidi, Lacey and Frankie ‘Reach’ by S Club 7.

“Later you will perform for me and I will decide who’s best. I’ll be like Simon Cowell judging you.”

Later, ater analysing the results, Big Vendor determined that Rylan’s team were the winners, and were rewarded with a free reign of its shelves.

Tune in to tonight’s highlights show at 10.00pm on Channel 5 to see the performances.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0115/ ... z2I51sBh00
bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Frankie Dettori becomes The Dictator in new task

Frankie Dettori has become the Dictator of the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house today as the group competes in their second shopping task!

This morning, the horse racing jockey was called to the Diary Room, where Big Brother bestowed tyrannical powers upon him, and told him that to win a luxury shopping budget, he must enforce the strict rules of his regime.

Frankie chose Ryan and Razor to be his bodyguards. Their job will be to ensure his safety at all times and keep him company in the Golden Palace, his residence in the gym.

However, later, one housemate will be called to the Diary Room and become the Leader of the Revolution. The real task is for Frankie’s subjects to end his reign of terror – their Leader must initiate a series of secret missions in order to secure the success of the revolution.

Throughout the task, Frankie’s subjects must obey all orders and wear only the basic civilian clothes provided. In addition, they will only be able to survive on tinned rations.

Big Brother has removed the house’s food supply and has provided Frankie with a shipment of de-branded food cans. Whenever his subjects wish to eat they must request cans from him – however, they have been de-branded, so it will be unclear what each can contains.

Meanwhile, Frankie will be provided with luxury food for him and his guards to enjoy.

If his subjects refuse to follow his rules, Frankie can send them to a specially built jail in the garden. Whenever he wishes to leave his Golden Palace, he can only do so in his sedan chair, which will be carried by his bodyguards.

Throughout the task a number of ‘hits’ will take place. Today’s hits are as follows:

Hit 1
Frankie will announce that he is banning all hair and beauty products from the house. These will be collected by the bodyguards and locked in a secure box.

Hit 2
One housemate will become the Leader of the Revolution.

Hit 3
Frankie will announce that he wants his subjects to take turns to pledge their allegiance to him by showering him with compliments. However, the Leader of the Revolution will be secretly instructed to offend Frankie instead, in an attempt to be sent to jail.

However, in the jail, they will find a hidden supply of explosives, which can be used to blow up a statue of Frankie during the revolution tomorrow.

Hit 4
Frankie will demand that two female housemates join him for dinner in the Golden Palace.

During the soiree, the girls will have two secret missions to complete: they must steal the keys to the box of forbidden personal belongings, and bug Frankie’s phone with a phone tapping device, without being caught by Frankie.

Hit 5
Frankie will generously treat his subjects to a silent disco this evening, during which Big Brother will provide headphones so they can supposedly listen to music.

However, as the phone has been bugged, they will instead hear an revealing conversation about them between Frankie and Big Brother.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0115/ ... z2I524zI9C
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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Yleistä keskustelua

Viesti Kirjoittaja knocker » 16 Tammi 2013 11:50

Big Brother -talossa rajuja seksisessioita – tuotanto kielsi esittämästä
Viihdeuutiset, 16.1.2013, 10:00 · Anna Poikkimäki
Britannian Big Brother -ohjelman julkkisversiossa esiintyvät Heidi Montag ja Spencer Pratt tunnetaan kotimaassaan Yhdysvalloissa realityjulkkiksina. Julkkistyrkky pari lavasti taannoin eronsa saadakseen lisää huomiota mediassa.

Rakastavaiset eivät myöskään pelkää esitellä estottomasti seksielämänsä saloja televisiokatsojille. Nyt Heidi Montagin ja Spencer Prattin kerrotaan nimittäin vieneen lemmenpuuhansa BB-talossa niin ronskille asteelle, että realityohjelman tuottajat ovat kieltäytyneet esittämästä kohtauksia televisiossa.

- Rakastan sinua niin paljon. Täällä tulee kuuma, kerrotaan Spencer Prattin todenneen vaimolleen sessioiden aikana.

Radar Online -sivuston mukaan parin intohimoiset seksihetket jättivät ääntelyillään ja voihkinnallaan sarjan kameramiehet punastelemaan. Session jälkeen Heidi lähti huoneesta ja palasi takaisin nenäliinapinon kanssa. Silminnäkijöiden mukaan pariskunta nukahti tämän jälkeen sylikkäin.

Heidi Montagin uutisoitiin taannoin kirjoittavan itsestään omaelämäkerran. Kauneusleikkauksistaan tunnettu tähti aikoo paljastaa kirjassaan törkyisiä salaisuuksia myrskyisästä avioliitostaan. Hän aikoo myös paljastaa yksityiskohtia muutaman vuoden takaisesta dramaattisesta ulkonäkömuutoksestaan. Heidi yllätti vuonna 2009 teettämällä itselleen peräti kymmenen plastiikkakirurgista leikkausta yhden päivän aikana. Kaunottaren vartalo ja kasvot kokivatkin varsin radikaalin muodonmuutoksen.
http://www.stara.fi/2013/01/16/heidi-mo ... b-talossa/
a walking disaster

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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

Viesti Kirjoittaja calderyon » 21 Tammi 2013 11:23

tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Tricia clashes with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates Tricia and Speidi clashed on tonight’s show, as the trio ended up in another war of words.

In the living area, there was an awkward atmosphere after the pair’s new task which saw the other housemates spy on them slagging everyone off!

But Speidi said they realised that it was a fake interview. Tricia remarked, “You looked like you were buzzing?!” Spencer replied, “We are used to everything being fake, this isn’t Heartbeat!” The soap star states, “You two are the best actors I’ve ever seen.”

Speidi quipped, “We’ve got Emmy nominations for reality television!”

Later and Tricia came to talk to Big Brother about Speidi. “They have well and truly fooled the lot of us. They have played the best acting role I have ever seen, the last four days they have been so nice to us. Honestly, Oscar performance. I actually liked them. To witness what we’ve just seen, it’s not nice. He has a nasty streak in him. I think there could be a bit of a kick-off.”

In the evening and Rylan was in the diary room. “Everyone is sitting there like its all fine, all fine now and I’m like b*llocks it ain’t. I don’t like holding grudges but drop me out…they’ve just mugged us all off.

“I’d rather have a conversation with the two snowmen we’ve built in the garden. If I was at home watching this I would be like oh brilliant a bit of game play, but being in here they can do one.”

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2IbG9fJMO
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Angry Spencer ignores the other housemates

Angry CBB 2013 housemate Spencer Pratt spent yesterday ignoring the other housemates following the fall out of the Big Blogger task.

Saturday night saw American duo Spencer and Heidi found themselves once again clashing with the rest of the house after Big Brother stirred it up with a new task.

Earlier in the day, Heidi and Spencer were led to believe they are being interviewed by the show’s digital for a fictitious online Big Brother spin off called ‘Big Blogger’.

Heidi and Spencer were called to the diary room and told that they had won a poll as the housemate the viewers would most like to see interviewed on the Celebrity Big Brother internet based show ‘Big Blogger’.

Meanwhile the other housemates were gathered in the living area where they were able to watch the interview on the screen.

The other housemates weren’t too pleased with what they saw but Speidi weren’t worried and refused to apologise by their comments.

In fact, the more they stood by them the more the other contestants got wound up.

Tricia, Claire and Rylan have continued to bitch about the pair, while they ignore them.

“I still don’t know what to make of them, I’ve just lost the plot. I don’t really care,” Tricia said to Rylan’s agreement.

“I just want to enjoy it, I don’t want to have any rows with anybody,” Claire added.

Rylan went on: “The more I listen the more I feel sorry for them,they spent the series saying how they played characters on The Hills, they were paid to be the villain.”

Are you team Speidi or team Rylan?

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2IbH2ZQIf
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Speidi destroy letter from home (but their own!)

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates Speidi cost another housemate their letter from home in yesterday’s task.

Last night, Big Brother received a delivery of all housemates’ letters from their loved ones. Housemates were given the opportunity to win as many of these letters as they can by tackling certain dilemmas. Any letters not won would be destroyed by Big Brother.

Each housemate was be set a dilemma by Big Brother. Depending on whether they accept or decline their dilemma determined how many letters are won and how many are destroyed.

Tricia had the first dilemma, called to the Diary Room be told to prioritise housemates letters in order of importance. She was told that each dilemma not completed will cause the loss of one letter. Using a board in the diary room she needed to rank the letters from high priority to low priority. Big Brother then revealed that she has prioritised them in order of destruction.

Speidi meanwhile were be issued a restraining order. They couldn’t be seen in the same room as each other but refused.

The pair continued to spent the day together and, as a result, one letter will be destoryed.

It’s sure to annoy the other housemates, with Claire having to climb the steps in the Big Brother house intermittently throughout the day whenever she hears Steps fans scream while Rylan was told to shave off at least 50% of his facial hair.

Tune in to Celebrity Big Brother at 9PM tonight for the aftermath.

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2IbHWwDLr
tellymix.co.uk kirjoitti:Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates fight after Speidi cause more trouble

It all kicked off in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house again last night, after Spencer and Heidi destroyed Claire Richards’ letter from home

As we told earlier, Big Brother had set a task for the group to win their letters from loved ones.

But sneaky BB had each housemate playing for someone else’s letter. Each housemate needed to complete a dilemma in order to win the letter.

For Spencer and Heidi, it was a simple task of not being in the same room as each other, but they failed as they refused to take part and stuck together.

As a result, Claire missed out on her letter from BB and needless to say, the others weren’t happy.

After BB announced the results, Heidi and Spencer clapped, which just wound up the house even more.

Rylan snapped: “Don’t clap, that’s rude, that is. You don’t have to clap because someone ain’t got their letter.”

He then screamed: “Absolutely disgraceful!”

Sensing it was about to kick off, Speidi quickly retreated to the bedroom laughing as Rylan continued to rant in the living area.

When it came down to reading the letters that had been won the other housemates refused to read any aloud in protest.

Watch a clip of the row below, and tune into CBB tonight for the full action…

Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/big-br ... z2IbHwFVMG
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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

Viesti Kirjoittaja Mole » 21 Tammi 2013 16:09

Channel 5 confirm Rylan X Factor rehearsals

Channel 5 has confirmed to bbspy that Rylan Clark has been leaving the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house to rehearse for The X Factor live tour.

Earlier today, evicted housemate Gillian Taylforth revealed that Rylan – who came fifth on the ITV talent show last year – had been allowed out of the house and had interacted with a ‘driver’ during an appearance on The Wright Stuff.

She later added to co-presenter Eric Johnson that the 23-year-old left the house every Sunday.

After bbspy approached Channel 5 for comment on the issue, a spokesperson confirmed the news, saying: “Rylan has rehearsed for his tour on site with a choreographer, escorted by a Big Brother producer.”

The statement will do little to appease furious fans, who have accused producers of misleading viewers and Rylan of ‘cheating’.

The show’s format traditionally dictates that contestants should be locked up in the house and filmed 24 hours a day, with no access to the outside world.

It is the first time in UK Big Brother history that a fully-fledged housemate has been allowed to leave the house for work-related reasons.

Concerns had been expressed about Rylan’s ability to commit to Celebrity Big Brother prior to the series, as the X Factor tour begins on Saturday – just one day after the final.

Read more: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb11/news/0121/ ... z2IcReEcEE

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Re: Celebrity Big Brother 11 - Uutiset

Viesti Kirjoittaja calderyon » 23 Tammi 2013 22:53

bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Rylan X Factor exits approved before CBB begun

The producers of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 have admitted that Rylan Clark’s X Factor rehearsals were approved as part of his contract.

Last night’s edition of spin-off show Bit On The Side addressed the news that the 23-year-old had been allowed out of the house, revealing that the 23-year-old had been allowed out for a ‘couple of hours’ on a Friday and a Sunday.

A statement from ‘Channel 5 execs’ read: “It was agreed before Rylan entered the Big Brother house that he would be allowed to rehearse for his tour twice on-site with a choreographer.

“This was agreed on the strict understanding that he was not allowed to discuss events in the Big Brother House with anyone during such rehearsal periods. Rylan was escorted by a senior Big Brother producer at all times during rehearsals to ensure full compliance.”

Presenters Jamie East and Emma Willis proceeded to further defend Rylan’s exits, which contravene one of the most fundamental Big Brother rules stating that contestants should be locked up 24 hours a day with no contact to the outside world.

East reasoned: “I don’t want people to think that we don’t read your comments or take them seriously. We do, and we understand your frustrations with this.

“But the X Factor tour starts on Saturday. If Rylan were to stay in until finale he would have had no rehearsal time. He’s due on stage 12, 13, 14 hours after the finale finishes.”

Willis added: “If you want people like that in the house to bring a good show then there has to be some kind of compromise and if a few hours of rehearsal time is what it is then that’s sometimes what you have to do.”

Fans have reacted furiously to the revelations, accusing bosses of misleading viewers.

It is the first time in Big Brother UK’s twelve-year history that a housemate is known to have been allowed out of the house to complete work obligations.

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bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:CBB housemates gagged on Rylan rehearsals?

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 evictee Lacey Banghard has suggested that housemates were instructed to keep details of Rylan Clark’s X Factor tour rehearsals secret.

Yesterday, fellow former contestant Gillian Taylforth let slip the news that the 23-year-old Essex singer had been leaving the house regularly live on Channel 5′s The Wright Stuff.

The broadcaster later confirmed her comments and revealed that the practise sessions had been agreed in his contract, but insisted that Big Brother had controlled the conditions.

But now the scandal has taken a new turn after Banghard implied that she had been banned from talking about it.

Speaking to Digital Spy at a PETA photo call today, the Page 3 girl commented: “Oh, I didn’t know that had come out. I’m not too sure how I feel about it.”

Asked if the group had known what Rylan had been getting up to, she added: “I can’t say, sorry. [You've] put me on the spot.”

Lacey’s words will no doubt fuel the accusations that bosses had misled viewers over Rylan’s trips out of the house, which broke the most fundamental Big Brother rule stating that contestants must be locked up 24 hours a day with no outside contact.

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bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Speidi apologise to Claire for clapping incident

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have apologised to Claire Richards after their clapping at the loss of her letter from home riled the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates.

As part of a task on Sunday, each housemate had the opportunity to win another a letter from home by completing a personal ‘dilemma’.

However, Speidi refused to be split up for the day as their part of the challenge, resulting in Claire – who had been chosen as the ‘highest priority’ by Tricia in her dilemma – becoming the only person not to recieve their message.

As Big Brother announced the news, some brief applause from the American reality TV stars offended the rest of the group, who returned their letters in solidarity.

But shortly after Claire, Razor and Tricia won their letters back in a separate task yesterday, everyone came together to clear they air. “I just want everyone to be happy. Let’s be happy,” said Tricia. “I don’t like this atmosphere.”

Heidi explained: “We thought they would separate us for days and that’s why we said no, because, like the basement, who knows how long it will be? If they gave us a costume or anything we would have loved to do it, and we asked, but they said no.”

“They just wanted to pit everyone against us,” claimed Spencer.

“Honestly, I don’t think that was the thing that upset everybody,” Claire pointed out.

“The clap was misinterpreted,” insisted Spencer. “She clapped because everyone was clapping for each time and then no-one clapped [for us], it wasn’t how it looked.”

“That’s not how it seemed,” argued Claire. “I knew that’s what they were gonna to do you, so I’d mentally prepared myself. When they said it out loud, I got upset, because I thought I wasn’t gonna get something that everybody else was. But it was that that tipped the scales.”

“It wasn’t when they announced Claire, they said and Heidi and Spencer, and I was like ‘you know what, I’m proud that we didn’t get separated for days’, so I just did a quick clap,” argued Heidi. “Spencer’s like ‘oh ****’, so he clapped. He was trying to cover for me.”

“Same boat, you gotta go down together,” added Spencer.

“Now you’ve said that, that makes me feel genuinely… I feel like a weight has come off my shoulders,” said Rylan, who had been the most vocal during the argument. “That makes so much sense, but just from the other side it looked totally rude.”

Heidi proceeded to say sorry to Claire, stating: “You think you’re in a game, but you’re not. I’ve got the worst timing.”

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bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:Double eviction confirmed for tonight’s semi-final

Channel 5 has confirmed that two housemates will be evicted from the house in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother 2013 semi-final.

Viewers have been voting for their winner since last Friday, and tonight the two housemates with the least votes will be kicked out just two days before the series concludes.

The news was announced by presenter Emma Willis on last night’s episode of spin-off show Bit On The Side.

Tune in at 9.00pm to find out who falls at the final hurdle.

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bbspy.co.uk kirjoitti:More outside contact in ‘Viewers’ Venom’ task

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 bosses have again risked fans’ wrath after Bit On The Side presenter Jamie East revealed viewers’ opinions of the housemates in today’s task.

As part of the challenge, the group was split in to two teams to answer five rounds of questions about a ‘viewer survey’ Big Brother had carried out, with East acting as quizmaster.

Throughout the quiz, Claire was told that she smells of eggs and bacon, cleaning bleach and cheap body spray, and looks like a lumpy potato, while Tricia was upset to learn that those asked percieved her as ‘dull, pointless, embarrassing and waste of space’.

Elsewhere, Rylan was praised as funny, hilarious and real, while Heidi said her description of fake, plastic, fabulous and ‘t**s’ was one of the nicest compliments she’d ever had.

This latest flagrant breach of the ‘no contact with the outside world’ rule came only two days after it emerged Rylan had secretly left the Big Brother house on at least two occasions in order to rehearse for The X Factor live tour.

Fans have condemned the incident, with 82% of voters in a bbspy poll believing that housemates shouldn’t take part in the show if they can’t commit to 24 hours a day in the house. Elsewhere, 62% of voters in a Digital Spy poll felt they’d been ‘misled’ by bosses.

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