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 Tug of War 
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Liittynyt: 12 Marras 2007 14:34
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Viesti Lähetetty: 05 Helmi 2013 00:45
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Big Brother Producers Casting New Show
Tug Of War sounds like a Big Brother/Survivor mash-up

Big Brother producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan have a new reality competition show in the works and it’s called Tug of War.

I’m hoping we also get Ring Around the Rosy and POTATO SACK RACE!!! OK, so I got the lame name joke out of the way. Tug of War? Really? Actually it’s not as simple and as silly as it sounds. According to the Tug of War casting website it actually sounds like a quite interesting show with a bit of a Big Brother and Survivor mash-up feel.

Doron Ofir Casting, the legendary casting company, is teaming up with the master producers of Big Brother and throwing down the gauntlet. This is the challenge you’ve been waiting for – an all-new competition adventure show with a huge six figure prize!

We are seeking the biggest personalities, the greatest storytellers, the most unlikely candidates and the fiercest competitors to put together the ultimate cast for the premier season of this incredible recreation/survival series!

The show requirements are a bit more strict than Big Brother and slightly ageist. You must be at least 21 but “appear under 35.” You must also be fun, competitive and ready to disappear to an “idyllic location to participate in a series of mental, social, and physical challenges.”

Am I alone in hoping Rachel Reilly auditions? Sounds right up her alley! Make this happen, Fly On The Wall Entertainment! ... how/26875/

You´re welcome!

I am the eater of Worlds !!!

My god... Half man, half amazing!

Joni Hesselgren: Big Brotherin moraalinen voittaja kaudella 2014.

05 Helmi 2013 00:45
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